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Dragoș Străinu

Dragoș Străinu

I am passionate about IT. I am a team player and always aim for teamwork, code review, documentation, discussion whether it is a complex project or a project just for fun. My hobbies are Hackathons and IT events, where I exchange my experience with people and learn new professional and personal skills. I also like mentoring and helping people in software engineering.


  • 01.09.2019–PRESENT Master's Degree in Computer Science, Technical University of Moldova
  • 01.10.2017–18.07.2018University of Siegen, Germany, Computer Science (Erasmus exchange)
  • 01.09.2015–28.05.2019 Bachelor's Diploma in Computer Science (Licentiate Engineer), Technical University of Moldova
  • 01.09.2012–16.06.2016 Diploma of Professional Studies (Technician), Financial Banking College, Speciality Informatics


  • 20.12.2018–PRESENT | Online Ordering Platform on Microservices Architecture
    I am responsible for a white-label mobile product with 7+ apps.
    My team and I work on a new version of the Platform using React Native/ReactJS with 40%+ code shared between mobile and web.
    I worked on a service that synchronize database with partners APIs and reduced manual work from 1 week to 15 minutes.

A big part of my professional experience comes from 35 Hackathons where I developed front-end/back-end/mobile apps and games. Also, I contribute to some open-source projects.

  • mockingcase: I created and maintain a Node.js package that converts a string to mOcKiNgCaSe. Friendly documentation, unit tests, jsdoc and types for TypeScript. I write feature requirements and documentation, review pull requests, and guide 15+ first-time contributors on open-source.
  • jump2header: I created a tool that adds markdown links to improve navigation in long files on Github. Used in several popular open-source projects like exceljs and others.
  • redux-requests: Redux addon to simplify handling of AJAX requests. I added the promise driver, setup the documentation site with docusaurus, and participated in discussions about library design.
  • I created a pull request on Github repo and using JavaScript and CSS, I converted SVG static watch logo into Easter egg real-time clock. The hardest part was understanding how SVG works.
  • spacebook: At NASA Hackathon 2019 my team and I created a Progressive Web App which shows Astronomy Picture of the Day in an infinite scroll feed. A (not perfect) app that works by these days.


Spoken LanguagesLanguagesLibraries/Platforms/Frameworks
Romanian - NativeJavaScript/TypeScript - ProficientReactJS - Proficient
English - FluentVersion control/GIT - ProficientReact Native - Working knowledge
Russian - FluentHTML/CSS - Working knowledgeNodeJS - Working knowledge
German - BeginnerReasonML/Ocaml - Basic knowledgeVueJS - Basic knowledge
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